Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Other Acropolis

Recently a co-worker brought up the subject of traveling in Greece and she told us how her friend was looking forward to see the iconic Acropolis in Athens. It prompted me to write and share my photos on my visit to Rhodes (Rhodos) last year. Closer to Asia Minor than to the Greek mainland, Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands in terms of both land area and population. I stayed in a simple but lovely hostel at the heart of the medieval Old Town. It is one of the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe and I easily spent an entire day visiting the sites around this ancient walled city. Another good way of seeing the Old City is just by walking around the outside. The fortification has a series of well-preserved gates and towers, and is remarkable as an example of a fully intact medieval structure.

acropolis of lindos pic taken from a bus
The town of Lindos, 45 km to the south of Rhodes town, is a beautiful little village of white cubist house and winding cobblestone streets at the foot of a vertical rock that is crowned by the Acropolis of Lindos. Before I read up for my visit to Greece, the only acropolis that I knew of was the iconic Acropolis of Athens. Having seen both, I think the Acropolis of Lindos is by far more picturesque from a distance and from the ruins itself because facing the sea, it offers dramatic views of the surrounding harbors and coastline. And on the day of my visit, it was for free admission to the public. I should be so lucky.

inside the old town
winding side lane
ruins of the church of virgin
waited for 10 minutes to take this one free of cars and people

entrance to the archaeological museum

mandraki harbor
do you believe that this was where the colossus of rhodes once stood?
glimpse of the acropolis from lindos town
harbor view

overlooking the sea

clifftop shot 

town of lindos


  1. yes, seeing your post, made me fall in love with this other acropolis too, what a beauty! i wanna go there too. i love the photo that u had to wait to shoot, super nice! and it'll be my lucky day if i can walk around on this stunningly beautiful island, its heaven on earth...

  2. I enjoyed Lindos far more than the Old Town! Great blog and pictures.

  3. It is like a collection by professional photographer. Maybe, more beautiful than leaflets by JTB. Please don't tell them my words))) Thank you for these beautiful snaps,lcw.

  4. Nice photos! I loved Rhodos town too. I visited it some years ago in a day trip from Marmaris, Turkey.


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