Saturday, October 1, 2011


Suspended effortlessly and drifting in a lake surrounded by the mesmerizing Andes and desert, it almost felt like a dream. The Laguna Cejar is another quirky place in the middle of the Salar de Atacama with 40% salt content, so if you attempt to swim in it you will float, just like in the Dead Sea. It has actually a higher salt content than the Dead sea, which has about 33.7% salt. Oddly, the water was freezing near the surface but warm closer to the bottom and I later found out from my guide that it was due to the very high lithium contents. After rinsing off, we drove to nearby Ojos del Salar - two perfectly round sink holes with fresh water. It was too cold to swim by then but they made quite good photos with the Andes.


Saving the best for the last, the finale of my Atacama Day 3 tour was the surreal Tebenquiche salt lake. The water was perfectly still and just about a couple of inches high over the salt pan, creating one of the most breathtaking reflection scenery I have ever seen. Tourists amused themselves by posing on the salt flat to take reflecting photos and soon I found myself doing the same.  As the sun set, the mountain range incredibly shed shades of scarlet, gold, orange then purple producing spectacular reflection photography opportunities. What a place to drink pisco sour and watch the sun down... what a place.

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