Friday, July 29, 2011

Waka Waka - South Africa II

I flew back to Johannesburg from Livingstone after my Cape to Vic camping. Upon arrival, called and booked with one of those hotels near the airport that included free airport transfers. While waiting for my ride, I hastily made arrangement for a 4-day Kruger safari for the next day. Note that I managed these last-minute bookings outside the S African school holidays and high season. The safari pickup was at the crack of dawn taking the Panorama Route in Mpumalanga en route to Kruger passing by some of the most impressive landscape that S Africa have to offer. Along the well-beaten path is the Bourke’s Luck Potholes.These giant potholes have been carved over centuries by pebbles swirling around in pools where the Treur River plunges into the Blyde River. Not far from the potholes is the Drakensberg escarpment in Mpumalanga - God’s Window. Just one look down and you will begin to understand why it is called 'God's Window'. It was just getting dark by the time we got to Kruger. After camping for 20 days, I opted for more luxury with an accommodated safari and for the price, I found the standard of the lodge and meals rather high although it was located outside the national park.

bourke’s luck potholes
Kruger National Park is one of the largest (nearly 2 million hectares) game reserves in Africa. This world-renowned park also offers a wildlife experience and facilities that rank with the best in Africa. Even though it was the fourth game reserve or national park that I have visited on that trip - Etosha, Chobe and Okavango Delta before that - I was still excited about going on game drives like it was my first time. You never know what you are going to see or happen on a game viewing activity so it is a different experience every time. It was also in Kruger that I finally saw a leopard - the last of the Big-Five that eluded me up to that point - albeit for only 2 seconds.

blyde river
treur river

god's window

my lodge in kruger
living it up
pedestrian crossing in kruger
not sure if these are black or white rhinos

bad boys
one of my fave shots in kruger
crocs and bird life along the bank

biggest herd of elephants i saw in kruger
griffon vultures
hippo and croc in harmony

he ain't heavy, he's my brother


  1. oh my!! this is one of the "must-see before i die" trip, i am awe-struck! by the beautiful formation of giant potholes, the god's window is a glorious sight and also getting so up close with all these amazing wildlife to admire their beauty and grace is one heck of an gorgeous and surely no matter how many times n where it may be u r "game viewing", u'll always feel the adrenaline rush, right? ;)

  2. Well, well... We can enjoy both vertically and horizontally here. I mean, I was almost sucked into the potholes. Then, watching the panoramic shot of god's window, something (maybe ,yes, adrenaline of something like this), spread out further from my mind. And those reasonable distances between animals and humans ,and those between them themselves... The world of gravitation or , the law of nature. Very much interested and refreshed. Thank you-Aligato,lcw.


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